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Zeolite For Health Attracted New Customers And 35% to 45% Growth

Zeolite For Health is a startup focused on improving the health of people. Their desire is to achieve this incredible feat through natural volcanic minerals used for various purposes nowadays.

Zeolite For Health wanted to acquire new clients for growing their business. But the company was finding it hard to retain its existing client base.

It was proving to be a hard nut to crack for the company. Their competitors could be attributed to this problem.

All of their competitors were focused on marketing their business strategically on the digital front.

But Zeolite For Health did not do anything special on this front. They had a website. However, they were not marketing it at all.

Such a flawed approach resulted in the loss of ROI (Return on Investment) by 30% and the loss of customers by 40%. Their customer retention rate also reduced by 25% soon.

Even most investors were also losing their faith in their business model and practices.

The Solution We Offered

Our team, loaded with a wealth of experience and skills, checked their website in-depth. We offered them a comprehensive set of digital marketing services and strategies.

Our team quickly executed all digital marketing strategies flawlessly. Our prime focus was on fixing errors in their on-page and off-page SEO activities.


The business of Zeolite For Health is now scaling new peaks of growth because of an effective digital marketing strategy and services.

The growth of the customer base has ensured business growth on multiple fronts. This is adding value to the business like never before.


We researched keywords, optimised meta tags, header tags, content, images, and links, produced unique content, and internal links recommended webpages and fixed broken links and errors in their schema code.

Even more important tasks like the setup of Google Analytics and Google Search Console, sitemap preparation, and determining website speed were also performed by the team.

Our team also focussed on fixing errors found in their business listing, classified ads, blog posting, guest posting, article submission, Quora question and answer, business profile creation, search engine submission reporting, and infographic submission activities including local business directory listing activities.

The implementation of a streamlined collaborative approach resulted in the ranking of many keywords in the top 10 and top 100 in SERPs.

The visibility of the Google My Business Page, Social Media Profiles, Local Listings, Search Engine Submission, Slides, and Blogs has also improved by manifolds.

The DA/PA of all their website pages has also crossed the milestone of 65 within six months. The website of Zeolite For Health is now a cash cow for their business.

It is nowadays attracting thousands of visitors every day. Zeolite For Health nowadays closes more than 200 leads per day. Even the count of followers on their social media handles is also increasing.

They are getting these followers on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Github, YouTube, Quora, Medium, and Reddit.

These followers are becoming their loyal customers. As a result, their ROI, profit, and customer base have increased by 35% to 50% within 12 months only.

All in all, this is the way our team has helped Zeolite For Health climb the growth ladder fast. More importantly, they are now matching their competitor’s on the growth front.

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