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We are a Digital Marketing agency that
has been helping brands solve business problems

We are a full-service digital marketing agency eminent for our strategic brand services, superlative creative work, and comprehensive consumer research. In order to achieve campaign objectives, we create strategies to bring brands closer to consumers on digital platforms, tell stories that engage millennials and Gen-Z, and acquire the sharpest combination of digital assets.

Founded by Prabnek Singh, we started our journey as a digital agency by pioneering some of the most digital projects in India, the USA, and all over the globe. That achievement established Virtual Oplossing as one of the largest and best digital agencies in India, setting benchmarks for the future of digital marketing.

We continue to deliver some of the most effective and award-winning digital work for progressive, brands thanks to our team of creative social, digital and technology experts. Creating engaging, memorable experiences for brands to interact with their consumers, while driving awareness, engagement, and conversions for our clients, is what we are passionate about as marketers.

Intelligence Approach

Just like an octopus is capable to engage in high-order cognitive actions such as the use of tools and problem-solving, they have even learned how to unscrew lids from jars to get food, we at Virtual Oplossing are capable to solve all your business problems effectively. Therefore, with our octopus intelligence approach, we have proudly served 3000+ clients worldwide.

With this approach, we have developed a digital mindset and method of handling company issues. It involves accomplishing something novel and original. We provide clients with easy, comprehensive, and effective digital solutions that promote branding and return on investment.


  • Clear campaign objectives that are in line with company goals.
  • Accumulating and comprehending insights.
  • Media channel selection based on data.
  • Creating digital assets and ad messages using a data-driven methodology.
  • Targeting strategies to stop spills.


  • We are aware of the most profitable keywords and media placements.
  • We are aware of the creative ideas and solutions that will best appeal to the target audience.
  • We are aware of the internal and external factors that will impact our campaign and we will respond immediately.


  • We reallocate funds to the channels that are producing the most profitable conversions.
  • We keep an eye on tracking codes.
  • We make sure that our strategies are adaptable and dynamic.
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