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The Sales of Wicket-Webz Tarantulas And Other Inverts Increased By 40%.

Wicket-Webz is one of the reputed vendors of tarantulas and other inverts In England. Their business was constantly climbing the growth ladder offline some years ago.

But they took it online and struggled to taste the same quality of success. The result was affecting their business significantly on every front. Their website was not performing well on the SERPs.

Their website could not attract enough traffic. As a result, their company struggled to get leads to ensure ROI and profit.

Such a disaster annoyed their loyal customers also. More importantly, investors’ trust in their product was also shaking significantly.

The director of the company told us the problem in detail. We then assigned them a task loaded with the wealth of experience and skills required.

Our team checked the website thoroughly. We noticed a lack of keyword research, content duplicity, optimised content, images, URLs, Meta tags, and issues in the website header, footer, and sitemap.

All these factors were collectively affecting their business. More than 25% loss of existing customers, a reduction in the rate of business inquiries every day by 15%, and up to 30% loss of ROI and Profit told the whole story.


We understand the value of the right business and practices add to any business. A business needs to execute everything with a flexible and disciplined approach.

This is the only best way to maintain investors' and customers’ trust as an entrepreneur. The team has helped us achieve this incredible feat with a flexible and highly disciplined approach. This is why we are climbing the growth ladder on the digital front now.


We first studied their industry and then the strategy of their competitors. Our team prepared a digital marketing strategy accordingly. Everyone was assigned a dedicated task.

Our SEO professionals took care of the keyword research where writers added value with their content production skills. SEO guidelines of Google were specifically followed throughout the project.

Strategically optimised content, images, Meta Tags, and URLs showed their impact. As a result, The website of Wicked-Webz started appearing in SERPs more regularly. More than 5000 visitors started coming to their website. All this collectively resulted in a 23% increase in their customer base, 40% increased sales, and 30% more ROI and Profit.

Give us one chance if your business is also facing the same problem.

Our team will study your website, strategy and competitors first. Then will get back to you with what we can do for the betterment of your business.

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