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Wholesale Wildstock Now Has A Beautifully Developed And Designed Digital Face

Founded in 2020, Wholesale Wildstock is a brand for purchasing well-cared-for animals. This brand is always the first choice of the most reputed vendors in the United States for purchasing the finest inverts in the United States at the most competitive prices.

Full credit for this success goes to the way Wholesale Wildstock has embraced the digital revolution. The Wholesale Wildstock team was hardly interested in embracing the digital revolution initially.

It is because their business was doing well on the offline front. But they realized their mistake after some of their competitors embraced the digital revolution As a result, their business started losing ROI, revenue, profit, and loyal customers.

They tried everything within their reach. But nothing worked. It is because competitors’ switch to the digital revolution was offering their customers a much better experience.

This is the reason Wholesale Wildstock lost more than 25% of customers, 50% of revenue, and 40% ROI. even their profit was reduced by 35% soon. All these things happened within 6 months. These numbers were big for their business.

Such a setback on the business front encouraged Wholesale Wildstock management to embrace the digital revolution. This is what their director and CEO told us during a live video conference.

We suggested a dedicated business website. We explained to them the entire process of website development in addition to the steps and approach we will follow.

A dedicated team of website developers and graphic designers was introduced to them at the earliest. The team first understood their work, business, industry, expectations, needs, and goals.

All tasks were divided systematically among everyone. Our Shopify specialists took care of the development part.

Our experienced and skilled website designers prepared an amazing logo, graphics, UI/UX Design, Brochure Design, landing page, and responsive design.

The whole process did not take more than 3 to 4 days. Their team got impressed with the quality of work we submitted within the deadline specified.


Just doing business is not enough for growing a business. Moreover, sticking to old business practices is also not good for the growth of a business.

The actual growth of a business lies in innovating business practices and mediums regularly. We needed this wind of change to keep our business up & running.

Our business is now climbing the growth ladder once again. Innovation is the only way to survive and understand what is required for a business to grow.


Their team is now dealing with 40% extra daily inquiries. They have hired extra staff to answer chats and customers’ queries.

Their profit has increased by 25% and ROI has also increased up to 30%. Even most of their loyal customers have also come back to them.

The customer base of Wholesale Wildstock has also increased by 20% in just a couple of months. All in all, they now have a cash cow to grow their business.

Is your business also struggling to grow? Why not get a website? We can build one for you. From a team of experienced and skilled developers and designers to infrastructure, we have everything to exceed your requirements and expectations.

Just tell us your expectations and needs. We will then see what we can do for you.

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