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Gave A New Lease of Life To The Business Of Rothschild & Co With A Website

Rothschild & Co is a more than two-century-old financial service provider. This family business group is held in high esteem worldwide for offering long-term growth via accurate global advisory, merchant banking, and flawless wealth & asset management.

Taking such an old business online was never an easy thing for them for several reasons. The list includes but is not limited to limited knowledge about the ways of taking the business online, lack of resources, and infrastructure only.

The rapid growth of the digital revolution made it compulsory for them to take their business online. Their competitors were already leveraging the potential of the digital revolution.

Lack of online presence proved to be costly for their business. Their customers did not want to call or visit their office to seek their services. They wanted to do everything online, said their director.

Their centuries-old family-controlled business was losing the game called business for this reason. More than 35% of customers had left them.

They switched to their competitors that had dedicated websites. Such a massive loss resulted in a 30% loss of ROI, revenue, and profit on their annual balance sheet.

All these things were told to us by their director.

The Solution We Offered

We first understood their business, goals, and expectations. Then studied the industry in-depth before creating their website.

A systematic collaborative approach was preferred throughout the process. A dedicated team of website developers and designers was assigned to their project.

Our team developed their website using the latest development and coding practices.

The design team also took care of the logo, brochure, graphics, U/UX, landing page design, and the responsiveness of the website design.

The task has been achieved using the latest design trends in their industry. Both the team assigned to the project specifically paid attention to the guidelines of search engines from the optimization perspective.


Change is important in all walks of life. But what is more important is the acceptance of the change. A business owner must understand it.

We have understood it in the best possible way. We now have a platform that works for our business and keeps it up & running 24/7.

Such a new approach has added value to our business. Our business seems to have got a new lease on life with a dedicated website.


The return of lost loyal customers in addition to 35% new customers, 25% increase in daily business inquiries, 30% increased customer satisfaction, 20% more customer retention, 35% extra lead conversion rate, and up to 43% ROI, revenue and profit speak volumes about the growth of their business with a dedicated website.

Do you also need a website for your business? Let us know right now! From a team of experienced website developers and designers to high-quality infrastructure, we have everything to build you a website that your business needs for growth.

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