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Case Study of Logistics Website For Website Optimization



Ready To Move LLC was founded in 2005 as a moving and delivery service company in Macon, Georgia, United States. The company provides moving and delivery services in the local market in addition to offering franchise opportunities to different markets. Ready To Move LLC started humbly from an ad in the penny pincher and then grew through word of mouth.

Challenges Faced by Ready To Move LLC

When Ready To Move LLC Comes To Virtual Oplossing Pvt Ltd, they had 5 main problems. Along with telling what it was, we would also like to tell why they had to face these problems.

  • Lack of visibility: Their website needed to rank on the first page of search engine results to be visible to their potential customers.
  • Low traffic: Low visibility reduced their website’s traffic significantly. As a result, their lead generation and sales fell considerably.
  • Limited brand awareness: Not ranking for relevant keywords made it hard for customers to find their brand. They did not come to know about their brand, products, or services as a result.
  • Difficulty in measuring success: Measuring online success and making data-driven decisions became a huge challenge for their management for this reason.
  • Increased competition: Their competitors were constantly climbing the ranking ladder in SERPs. This too affected their digital visibility and ability to compete.


The client specified the following objectives for Ready To Move LLC's website to our team during the conference call.

  • Identify the target audience: They told us to determine the target audience for the website. Such as individuals or businesses looking for moving and delivery services.
  • Increase online visibility: It’s important to increase its visibility and attract more visitors. For this reason, they told us to Improve the website's search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Improve user experience: What is more important is the quality of improvement they want in users’ experience. Our team was asked to re-design the website to help them achieve this vital business feat. Their purpose was to make it easier for visitors to navigate and find what they are looking for.
  • Increase conversion rate: Effective optimization of the website is another challenge they asked us to accomplish to encourage visitors to take specific actions. Such as requesting a quote or booking a service.
  • Establish brand credibility: Winning visitors’ trust is vital for them. This is why Ready To Move LLC’s management asked us to showcase their brand's expertise and authority in the moving and delivery industry.
  • Build brand awareness: Becoming a household name through social media and other digital channels is also one of their vital business goals. Their director asked us to achieve this vital business marketing feat through promotion using social media and other digital marketing channels. It helps in increasing its visibility and reaching a wider audience.

Process & Solution:

All members of our team took their time to determine the best possible solution to help climb the growth ladder on the business front. We encourage you to look below at the processes we performed and solutions we offered:

Finalizing Profitable Keywords

Virtual Oplossings evaluated the set of winnable keywords that could bring traffic, and convert it into leads or sales. To identify potential keywords, we researched the target audience and used tools.

Firstly, we generated a list of keywords using tools like Ahrefs or Google Analytics. Secondly, we evaluated the competitiveness and potential traffic of each keyword. A tracking report for readytomovellc.com keywords was set up for the client's monitoring and strategy adjustments.

SEO Site Audit

Virtual Oplossings scanned readytomovellc.com for SEO errors using tools like Google Search Console and SEMrush. Then we sorted the list of SEO errors to find the most important issues and the easiest to fix. Our team evaluated errors' impact on search engine rankings and user experience. Virtual Oplossings fixed onsite SEO errors for readytomovellc.com. Improving a website's search engine visibility is important for attracting more organic traffic.

Creating Shareable Content

Virtual Oplossings analyzed website traffic and search engine rankings. This was done using tools like Google Analytics and SEMrush and competitors. We identified the market gaps. Our content production specialists produced superior content that catered to the content consumption needs and interests of their targeted audience. The process involves writing valuable, meaningful, and informative website content and blogs optimized for search engines to attract more traffic to be a leader. All in all, our content marketing process improved their online visibility. Their website now attracts more leads and customers.

Link Building

Virtual Oplossings analyzed competitors' backlink profiles. This was done using tools like Ahrefs or Moz to find high-quality websites that link to them. Our SEO Expert created a target list of sites and found email addresses. Virtual Oplossings began outreach to websites. For this, we sent personalized emails requesting a link to Ready To Move LLC's website. This was important for three reasons in the case of Ready To Move LLC:

  • To improve its website's authority
  • Search engine rankings by building high-quality backlinks
  • Attract more referral traffic from other websites.

Off-page SEO process improves online visibility and attracts leads and customers.


Increased Conversion Rate and Leads Improved:

Virtual Oplossings improved Ready To Move LLC's website conversion rate. It started to generate more leads within one month. It happened through the SEO site audit we performed and the strategy we implemented. They found good keywords and made good content for the target audience as a result. Furthermore, we optimized the website and earned backlinks from relevant websites. Ready To Move LLC's website gained more leads and sales as a result. The main reasons for this were:

  • More organic traffic,
  • Better search engine rankings, and
  • A higher conversion rate.

Better ROI:

Ready To Move LLC achieved better ROI because of the improvement in the visibility of their website in SERPs. The feat has been achieved through investment in SEO and content marketing. Virtual Oplossings set SEO goals and objectives. We also created a roadmap and timeline to track progress. They monitored website analytics and optimized the strategy based on data. Ready To Move LLC achieved better ROI and attracted more leads and customers.

Testimonial: We highly recommend Virtual Oplossing for its exceptional SEO, SMO, and digital marketing services. They have been consistently impressed with their professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail.

Role of Virtual Oplossing in Achieving Better Clients

Virtual Oplossings helped Ready To Move LLC improve its online visibility and become a thought leader in the logistics industry, leading to better clients. Ready To Move LLC attracted more organic traffic and established itself as a trusted source of information by creating high-quality content that addressed the target audience's needs and interests. Virtual Oplossings built high-quality backlinks for them, and significantly improved their website's authority, visibility, and performance in search engine rankings. It is now proving to be a cash cow Ready To Move LLC needs to climb the growth ladder. Their website now attracts more leads, and customers, and converts more sales. As a result, their ROI, Customer base, Customer Retention Rate, Customer Satisfaction Rate, Profit, Traffic, and Lead Conversion Rate has multiplied by manifolds.

Do you want us to deliver you the same thing for your business? From tools, techniques, and trends, our team knows everything to exceed your requirements and expectations.

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