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PowerhouseLV Recorded 35% Growth Within 6 Months Time

PowerhouseLV is a single-stop third-party logistics that caters to your logistics needs in Las Vegas. The company is held in high esteem nationwide for over 50 years of experience in Specialized logistics and Trucking.

But this journey has not been so easy for the company. The credit goes to the lack of digital visibility and relevant effective strategy.

The company management was trying its best to address the issue in the best possible way. But nothing worked.

Their efforts lacked technical expertise. This showed in the form of a loss of 22% ROI, 25% Profit, and 27% loss of existing customers. Such a loss worried them significantly from a business perspective.

The Problems We Identified

We then offered them our wealth of technical expertise and skilled resources. Our team was able to figure out the root cause of the problem.

They were simply having a website in the hope of scoring some leads. Lack of social media presence, unoptimized and copied content, and errors in Sitemap, Google Analytics and Search engine console setup were hurting their speed.

Moreover, the speed of their website was also slow. Lack of presence on business listing directories, irregular blog posting, guest posting and flawed business profile creations, search engine submissions, and lack of listing on local business directories and reporting were also hurting their business.

All of their competitors were easily converting their customers into leads. All in all, things were getting worse for PowerhouseLV from the financial as well as business perspective.

Most of their investors were also losing their faith in their business and relevant practices.

The Solution We Offered

We fixed their entire content. Our content production team first understood their business and then produced original, meaningful, and informative content for all web pages of their website. The team also produced social media content for all their social handles.

The SEO team optimised all aspects of content strategically. The team also content-fixed errors in their errors in Sitemap, Google Analytics, and Search engine console setup.

Our development team also played a key part in improving the website’s speed. We then gradually shifted our focus to regular blog and guest posting and strategically correct and regular business profile creations, search engine submissions, listing on local business directories, and regular reporting.


The PowerhouseLV has got a new lease of life on the financial as well as the business front. All credit goes to the strategically correct and regular presence of the business on the digital and social front. Regular traffic from all popular social media platforms and search engines are adding all sorts of value to the growth of the business from every perspective.


PowerhouseLV is now getting more than 5000 visitors every day from the search engine result pages. Most of their keywords are ranking on the first page of Google SERPs.

Moreover, the company is getting traffic, inquiries, and leads from all of its social handles and business listings. Almost 300 people are either landing on their website from business listing platforms or social handles.

They are spending a significant amount of time on their website. It is because their website loads faster. More than 200 people are calling them daily to seek their services.

The team is now able to convert 60 to 70 leads a week successfully. As a result, the customer base has increased by 25% whereas ROI and profit have also increased up to 35% in just 6 months.

We are now working on two more projects for the firm. Are you facing a challenge? Let us know about it. We will see what we can do for you!

From the tools and techniques to professionals loaded with the experience of the highest quality in the world, we have everything to exceed your requirements and expectations.

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