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Developed and Designed A New Digital Personality of Mobbi’s Business

Mobbi is one of the best online sellers of mobile accessories and electronic gadgets. Another key thing the company is known for is its customer care and delivery service of the highest quality possible.

But their journey to the top to becoming the market leader in Sweden was not so easy. The credit goes to their website. Their website was not performing well according to the users' expectations.

Their business tumbled significantly as a result. A more than 25% drop in loyal customers resulted in a 30% loss of ROI, 25% profit, and 40% of revenue.

This entire situation was constantly becoming a business disaster for the team. Their competitors were now feeding on their loss also, said the CTO.

This was a disaster for them. In other words, it was a timely wake-up call for the management to do something about it. This is when they decided to seek professional help and get it developed and designed from scratch.

Our team organised a meeting with their CTO and CEO to understand their expectations, goals, and needs. But the most important reason for meeting with them was an in-depth understanding of their business and industry to deliver them exactly the end product they want from us.

We suggested they go ahead with the WooCommerce development service. The development process hardly took 3 to 4 days.

Even the graphic design process was also completed within the same period. We did it through a systematic strategic and collaborative approach. Everyone was assigned a task. Everyone was given a deadline to accomplish the task.

Our graphic designers took care of the logo design. Brochure design, UI/UX design, graphic design, landing page, and responsive design tasks. They completed their tasks effectively and on time.


Change is the law of nature! This ultimate law of nature applies to everything in this world. The world of business is also not untouched by it.

A business has to change and update regularly. Adapting to changes and updating business practices, strategies and infrastructure accordingly is the master key to unlocking the success and growth of a business.

Our team knows it now! This is the reason we trusted Virtual Oplossing for this task.

Our website, business practices, strategies, and infrastructure is now fully as per the latest trends and needs of our business.


Change at such a massive level has worked wonders for the business of Mobbi. Their website now loads five times faster and appeals to every visitor with a stunning look. All in all, the digital face of their business has got a new personality.

From ROI, profit, and revenue to the customer base, everything has increased for them significantly. Their ROI has increased by 33% whereas their profit has also increased up to 29% now. Even their revenue has also increased by 50% now.

They achieved this incredible feat within 6 months after their new website went live. Mobbi is now getting 55% extra inquiries through chat, phone calls, and emails as a result.

Is your business website giving you a tough time? Spare a couple of minutes from your hectic schedule for a meeting with us. We will then see what we can do for you.

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