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Made Hennessy Coffee One Of The Biggest Coffee Brands In Australia

Hennessy Coffee is an Australian family of coffee lovers. They blend. They roast. More importantly, they engage with customers.

All members of this family are on a mission to share their passion for coffee with everyone. They are a team of coffee lovers focussed on offering delectable experiences to customers.

They are one of the best in Australia nowadays. In a word, they are a household name when it comes to the superlative quality of coffee. They are a brand after facing several business disasters.

The quality of their content and lack of awareness about social media optimization are two huge reasons for it. Their business was in a difficult situation because of these things.

Their website was not attracting visitors from the SERPs. Even their social media marketing efforts were also not yielding any results. Their team tried almost everything.

All of their efforts went in vain. Their team was not receiving any chats or orders. Therefore, their competitors were easily getting advantage of their situation.

Most of their business partners were losing their faith in their business and relevant practices. Even some investors had started giving up on their businesses.

We got to know about such a disastrous condition of their business during a series of several meetings with their director, CEO, and CFO.

Everyone involved in those meetings dedicated their time to understanding their expectations, needs, and goals.

Everything was then explained to the rest of our members in detail. We then checked a couple of things. The list includes but is not limited to checking their website’s ranking in SERPs, content quality, and social media marketing efforts only.

We noticed a couple of major errors in their SEO and SMO strategies. Our team then prepared a strategy that fixed errors in their schema code, URLs, content, Meta Tags, and Header tags.

We corrected all those errors and built their brand's digital presence through strategic off-page SEO activities like business listing, Quora question and answers, classified ads, blog posting, guest posting, infographic submission, business profile creations, search engine submission, and more.


Strategy is important for business success. We have realised it after facing hardships in our business. Just getting a website ready and loaded with content is not enough to grow a business on the digital front. You need a certain direction, quality of work, and accuracy to grow your business on every front.

Our business is now growing based on such an approach applied by the team. We are now rubbing shoulders with the latest trends successfully to stay alive and grow more.


The website of Hennessy Coffee appears in Google SERPs. What is more important is the quality of improvement in the ranking of their website and keywords. Most of their keywords rank high on the first page.

Unique, helpful, and meaningful content posted on their website, blogs, and social media handles regularly must be credited for all this improvement.

How can we undervalue the role of keyword research, optimization of meta tags, images, links, content, business listing, infographic submission, and guest posting for achieving such an incredible feat?

Significantly improved the DA/PA of their website also speaks volumes about it. Their website and social media handles are now a cash cow for them. They are getting thousands of visitors from SERPs and social media handles every day.

Their team is hardly getting any time to scratch their head nowadays. More than 5000 visitors every day from SERPS and social media handles, 3000 daily orders, a 45% increased customer base, a 33% increase in revenue, a 25% increase in customer satisfaction rate, and a 70% increase in lead conversion rate says everything.

Is your business also facing any issues? Get in touch with us right now and tell us the problem. Our team will then prepare a strategy accordingly.

From the tools and techniques to professionals loaded with the experience of the highest quality in the world, we have everything to exceed your requirements and expectations.

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