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Delta Cart


Revitalised The Business of DELTA Cart With Website Design & Development Services

DELTA Cart. a THC Vaped company, tops the list of high-quality vaping experience providers in the United States. Their caping product line is of unmatched quality.

But the quality of their digital presence was not of the same standards. Most of their customers usually complained about its loading speed, compatibility with their device type, and navigation issues.

Its design was also a huge issue. Even the theme of their website made it hard for customers to see anything properly. As a result, most customers left their website without adding products to the cart.

Not many customers were reaching the checkout phase. Such a long list of problems on their website affected their business significantly.

More than 50% of visitors were leaving the website just after going through the home page. Nearly 15% of customers were leaving the website before reaching the checkout process.

The business was in financial trouble because of issues with its website.

Their CTO had a meeting with our website development lead. The CTO told us all the issues including the list of requirements and expectations from us.

We suggested they let us check the website once. The purpose was to see if it needs redevelopment and redesigning from scratch or not.

The WooCommerce team redeveloped the website. The design also deserves kudos for designing a brilliant logo, brochure, and graphics.

They graced it with a fabulous responsive design and landing page. The Quality of UI/UX design was also according to the latest trends.

The point we valued the most during the entire duration project is the compliance of everything with search engine guidelines and the latest trends in their industry from the business perspective.

The study of their competitor’s website helped us achieve this incredible feat easily.


Businesses nowadays need a website for growth. A website needs an effective design, theme, and a team of professionals to grow a business.

This is what we have understood. The most important thing we have understood is the value design, theme, and development practices add to any business going digital.

Our business has not only recovered but is growing as well.


Their website needed a complete makeover. This is what we offered them. This makeover done by experienced designers and developers offered their dying business a new life.

DELTA Cart recovered all of the loss within 6 months. Their customer base increased by 45% and revenue also shot up by 34%.

The bounce rate of their website increased by 40% whereas the cart conversion and checkout process also increased by 50% within 6 months. Their annual turnover, ROI, and profit have also increased by 40% in such a short period.

Let us know if your website also needs a complete makeover. We are always ready to offer a new lease of life to your business with our website development and design skills.

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