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Built A Strategically Optimised DIgital Growth Ladder For Chief's Son DIstillery

Chief’s Son Distillery is one of the reputed distillers of handmade whisky in Australia. Mornington Peninsula, Southeastern Metropolitan Melbourne, Victoria is their base. Their business was doing fine offline.

Most of their competitors were still outcompeting them on all fronts of business. It is because their competitors had taken their business online before them. They took some time to realise the value of building a digital presence.

They took it online. But they struggled to replicate the same quality of success. Their brand soon lost more than 30% of its customers. Even their revenue was reduced by 45% within six months.

It is because their website was not performing appropriately in the SERPs. The website was hardly affecting any traffic. Lead generation was constantly becoming a pain for them.

As a result, their ROI, profit, and revenue were adversely affected. Their social media accounts were not following the guidelines of social media platforms.

Their customers were switching to their competitors for this reason. Such a thing jolted their investors’ faith in their business and business practices.

Their Director explained the entire situation during a small series of meetings. We quickly formed a team of professionals. Everyone was assigned a certain responsibility.

Our first priority was to check the website thoroughly and find the actual problem. We noticed a lack of keyword research, content duplicity, optimised content, images, URLs, Meta tags, and issues in the website header, footer, and sitemap.

Such a problem was constantly eating into their profit. As a result, their sales and lead generation rate also reduced by 25% to 30% within a couple of months.

All this was proving to be a disaster for them.


Modern businesses can grow only through the trust of investors and customers. Such an incredible feat could be earned only by embracing innovation the right way.

We have understood it now. Our business is climbing the growth ladder now. Thanks to the disciplined approach and strategies of their team.


Our team took some time to study their industry and competitors. More importantly, we dedicated our time to understanding the latest industry trends in addition to the strategies of their competitors.

All of us worked together to prepare a digital marketing strategy. Everyone was asked to do a specific task.

Our SEO and SMO professionals took care of the keyword and hashtag research. The content writing team added value with their content production skills. Our team took care of all SEO guidelines of Google at every stage.

Content, images, Meta Tags, and URLs were optimized strategically. This approach produced better results. The website of Chief's Son Distillery started appearing in SERPs more regularly. More than 6000 visitors started landing on their website. All this collectively resulted in a 25% increase in their customer base, a 35% increase in sales, and 25% more ROI and Profit.

Give us one chance if your business is also facing the same problem.

We will understand your business needs, goals, and competitors’ practices first. We will then get back to you with the best possible solution.

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